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Product procurement

     As a traditional industry, the PMC Co., Ltd. purchase the products only from the time-tested and well-qualified manufacturers, providing a wealth and big-demanded of marketing report to the suppliers, at the same time  providing a reliable and stability suppliers for the buyers. Whether looking for sources of cargos for sale or obtaining the market, we have the courage to face the challenges, to make every effort to achieve customer needs.

   We understand a variety of situations and challenges faced by customers (supplier and buyer), and have a well-trained marketing team, providing a comprehensive and in-depth product knowledge and market information to keep the supply and demand sides.


Product and market development

- Based on the requirement of the buyer for the product development and quality development.
- Based on the market development of products and well-quality suppliers.
- Our R & D team keeps innovating, looking for new products to expand the existing product range.